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Tips For Documenting Your Employment Harassment Claim

Recording information about your harassment experiences is a key part of building a lawsuit that will withstand examination by a judge or opposing counsel. At the Law Office of Suzy C. Moore, we will work with you as our client to create the strongest and most credible employment harassment claim possible. Our lead attorney has prepared several tips for documenting how you were harassed at work to help ensure that your case is taken seriously.

Tip No. 1: Write Down Exactly What Happened

Try to determine the date of each incident and write down what harassing behaviors occurred. Be specific, even if it is difficult or distasteful, as can be the case with incidents of sexual harassment. If the harassment was verbal, provide a clear summary of what was said. If you cannot remember what the other party said verbatim, do not quote him or her in your notes as if you do. Make sure it is clear from your notes how the harassment relates to your membership in a protected class as defined by California law.

Tip No. 2: Process Your Feelings Elsewhere

If your notes about the harassment are mixed in with other complaints about the company or your notes are specific about your complaints and not the harassing acts, this can be used as evidence against your claim.

Tip No. 3: Follow HR Guidelines For Reporting Harassment

It is important to document that you have followed your company’s human resources guidelines for reporting harassment. Review relevant documents in your employee handbook. If you send your notes on the harassment to HR as part of following its procedures, make copies and retain the originals.

Tip No. 4: Seek Corroboration From Other Sources

The harassment you have experienced may have led to physical or mental manifestations of stress. Build a stronger case by expressing your concerns with a private therapist, an employee assistance program counselor, or your doctor. These professionals may be able to verify that you experienced these symptoms after the harassment began or that the experience exacerbated existing health challenges.

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