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Understanding California’s Employment Law Basics

Most of us head off to our jobs each day hoping to feel valued, respected and productive. Unfortunately, all too often, employees in California can leave the workplace feeling rejected or demoralized by the actions of supervisors and co-workers.

The Law Office of Suzy C. Moore concentrates on employment law cases that result in the loss of a career — whether through wrongful termination or the toxic impact of discrimination or harassment. If this describes your situation, you may have a claim. But first, let us examine how the state of California views these cases.

Protected Class Harm: The Key To A Claim

State and federal laws protect employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age and disability. California additionally protects employees on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status and medical or genetic condition. If you are harassed or discriminated against at work, you must prove the following to have a successful claim.

  1. You belong to a designated protected class.
  2. You were qualified to be in your job position.
  3. You suffered an adverse work condition because of your membership in a protected class.
  4. Others in similar situations who were not part of a protected class were not adversely impacted.

A lawyer experienced in workplace issues can help you evaluate the strength of your claim.

Before You Litigate, Follow These Instructions

If your claim includes the elements listed above, you may have a strong case. Before you can pursue a civil lawsuit, however, you must comply with any agreements you signed as part of your employment package.

If you agreed to be subject to binding arbitration with your employer, you must go through that process. If you work in the public sector and your employer has an internal process for handling complaints, you must participate in the process and meet all filing deadlines or you will not be able to file a civil action later.

Our firm’s lead attorney can discuss what legal processes you may be subject to and advise you on the proper strategy for completing them.

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