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Remote workers are covered by California labor laws

Remote workers are covered by California labor laws

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Employment Law

Working remotely has been optional for some California employees for years. As a result, the state’s labor laws apply to both in-office employees and those who work from home.

What are remote workers’ rights?

Employees who work remotely have certain rights under the state’s labor laws. When people work from home, they are entitled to be reimbursed by their employers for any expenses related to their work. In other words, if a person works from home and needs phone and internet service, their employer must reimburse them for any work they conduct using those services.

If the employee needs a new computer to do their work and buys one out of pocket, their employer would have to reimburse them for it and any other equipment they need to perform the regular tasks of their job. Many California remote workers are also able to claim tax deductions for their business expenses.

Working hours, overtime and breaks

Just like employees who work in the office, remote workers must be given the opportunity for overtime work. Although it’s more challenging to prove how long a person works if they work remotely, those who work from home must be paid the same for overtime as what they would receive if they went to an office. The employer must keep track of all hours the employee works.

Employees working from home are still entitled to break periods for meals and regular breaks. By law, meal breaks must amount to 30 minutes for every five hours worked.

Reasonable accommodations

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, remote workers with disabilities can request reasonable accommodations from their employers. For example, they might need a special type of equipment from their employer to perform the regular duties of their job.

As a remote worker, you’re entitled to the same opportunities, pay and benefits as those who work in the office. If you aren’t getting what you are due, holding your employer accountable is important.



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