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Tesla facing claims of sexual harassment

Tesla facing claims of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

Many issues can arise in a workplace, such as wrongful termination, negligence and sexual harassment. In San Diego, California, these issues are a top priority. California is dealing with a sexual harassment lawsuit against the main factory of Tesla Inc.

Lawsuit claims

Female workers in Tesla’s Fremont factory are in nightmarish situations nearly every day. When employees use inappropriate comments or touch female workers, the supervisors ignore the complaints. A woman in the lawsuit deals with inappropriate touching and catcalling over her three years there. The sexual harassment happens on the night shift, which she works as a production associate.

Males workers describe her butt, stare at her breasts, brush up against her and ask for sex. She finally went to HR when a male employee stuck his leg between her thighs at the time clock in September. HR for the factory ignores the sexual harassment claims and doesn’t use their email address for employee complaints.

Other claims from that factory

Elon Musk runs Tesla Inc, and that factory makes electric cars. The company has other claims of mistreatment from employees in the Fremont factory. In October, a federal judge ordered Telsa to pay a man that was an elevator operator $136.9 million. The male employee was dealing with racial harassment while working there. Telsa says the company condemns all racial slurs and maybe should have done better. The company says, at most, the male employee deserves $600,000.

The sexual harassment lawsuit seeks punitive and compensatory damages under the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act. The DFEH protects employees from discrimination from protected characteristics such as race and sex. The lawsuit claims that most tech employers have mandatory arbitration agreements to keep workplace disputes out of court. The woman in the lawsuit is on doctor-ordered medical leave for post-traumatic stress disorder.



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